The iNSURIS Program™

Our process, The iNSURIS Program™, is a proprietary four stage insurance based planning process designed by Strategy Wealth Advisors to maximize tax efficiency during a client's life and minimize the impact of estate taxes on wealth transfers to beneficiaries and charities.

Stage One: The Discovery System™

The Discovery System™ assists clients in demonstrating how they will benefit from the iNSURIS Program™ , integrating insurance based strategies into their tax and estate plan.

Stage Two: The Strategy Blueprint™

The Strategy Blueprint™, a detailed customized insurance based estate planning strategy best suited to a client's tax and estate planning objectives, is developed by Strategy Wealth Advisors in consultation with their legal and accounting advisors.

Stage Three: The Strategy Navigator™

The Strategy Navigator™ is the process whereby Strategy Wealth Advisors will arrange, oversee and guide a client through the underwriting process to secure the most effective insurance based solution available in the marketplace.

Stage Four: The Strategy OPTIMIZER™

The Strategy Optimizer™ is designed to ensure that the strategy implemented is optimally maintained and continues to achieve a client's objectives as the personal, financial and corporate circumstances and situation evolve and change over time.